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LifeSaver: Embrace Out of Season Camping This Winter

Embrace Out of Season Camping This Winter

Embrace Out of Season Camping This Winter

Posted 2 years ago

This summer, both camping and campervan holidays surged in popularity, with bookings up an astonishing 500%. If you missed out on your yearly camping trip because of the lack of available pitches, have you considered camping during the colder months? Fewer crowds mean it’s a great way to cut the cost of your trip while enjoying the outdoors. Plus, if you opt for an unserviced pitch you can save even more money! Just make sure that you take the right kit with you, including a warm sleeping bag, a camping stove and a way to access to safe drinking water.

Making camping all year around a breeze, our advanced filtration technology removes a minimum of 99.99% of dangerous bacteria, cysts and even viruses from water on demand. Depending on where you pitch up and the size of your camping party, we have a water filtration solution for you.

The Liberty

Perfect for solo-adventurers, couples and wild camping enthusiasts, the Liberty™ is the same size as a standard sports water bottle, so it can easily fit in your rucksack for adventures off the beaten track. It has the ability to purify an incredible 2,000 litres of water before its filter needs to be replaced so you’ll be able to use it again and again without worry. The Liberty™ comes with a 5ft scavenger hose which allows you to draw water from hard to reach sources with ease and its unique design means that it doubles up as a fast in-line filter. You can drink directly from it or use it to fill up other water containers, providing you and your camping buddy with purified water for cooking, washing up and staying hydrated.

LifeSaver Liberty™ - Blue


The Cube

Originally developed in partnership with Oxfam, the high-capacity LifeSaver® Cube is great for campers who need access to safe drinking water for cooking, cleaning and brushing teeth for an extended stay. Weighing just 1.2kg, our handy Cube is easy to carry and its lightweight yet durable construction can store 5 litres of water which can be treated on demand by pumping it through the ultra-filtration membrane. Its shape provides easy storage in your tent or campervan and with this handy piece of kit along for the ride, you’ll have plenty of purified water for everyone in your group to have a warming cuppa on the campsite this winter.

LifeSaver water purification Cube rowing on a lake with a LifeSaver Cube


For added peace of mind, all LifeSaver® products feature the company’s FailSafe technology. Once the pores in the filter’s membrane are blocked, it no longer allows water to pass through. This eliminates any guesswork or the risk of mistakenly drinking unfiltered water, helping you make the most of your trip because, let’s be honest, no one wants to spend their time in the great outdoors with a bad stomach from drinking some dodgy water!

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