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LifeSaver Liberty™

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The LifeSaver Liberty™ water purifier bottle is the worlds’ first and only portable water purifier which is a bottle with an inline pump combined.

Using the same advanced filtration technology as the original LifeSaver bottle, the LifeSaver Liberty™ water purifier bottle is a smaller, lighter more versatile version, whilst still robust and easy to use. The best water purifier bottle for outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, backpackers or anyone who needs a reliable source of drinking water.

Watch people using and reviewing our LifeSaver Liberty™ water purifier bottle on YouTube by clicking here.

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LifeSaver Liberty™ water purifier bottle

  •  Removes:
    • Virus – 99.999%
    • Bacteria – 99.9999%
    • Cysts – 99.99%
  • Independently tested to exceed full NSF/ANSI P231 and WHO2011 ‘Highly protective tier’ drinking water standards
  • Comes with 5ft Scavenger Hose for drawing water directly from source, meaning: 
    • Easier accessibility to water
    • No need to get hands wet
    • Filter larger volumes in one go
    • Ability to filter directly into additional containers
  • Screws right in to most wide-mouth water containers, like Nalgene or Hydro Flask bottles
  • Filters up to 2,000 litres
  • Filter Cartridge is replaceable
  • Hydration Bladder Pack Adaptors available for direct filling
  • Replaceable Activated Carbon Disc for removal of chlorine, taste and odour
  • FailSafe technology – Once the filter membranes are blocked, water can not pass through, keeping users safe
  • 400ml capacity
  • Fast flow rate – 1.2 L/min
  • No chemicals or electricity required
  • No strenuous sucking or pressing required
  • Easy to use Flow Valve to control flow rate
  • Transparent windows to see water level
  • Hook on lid for your carabiner
  • SteriTouch® antimicrobial materials used
  • Product materials and water effluent both BPA and BPS free

If you’re planning a backpacking or interrailing trip through Europe, read our top 5 essential backpacking tips and the reasons why LifeSaver Liberty™ is the best backpacking water purifier bottle.

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Black, Blue, Orange, Metallic Rose Gold, Metallic Silver

10 reviews for LifeSaver Liberty™

  1. Curtis Clayton

    Such an amazing product. I’ve used many different filters in the last 25 yrs and by far this one is the best. Filtered from many streams and lakes through the United States. The water is always clean and safe to drink. Connection to my nalgene is awesome and with the scavenger hose makes filling up my camelback bladder so simple.

  2. Jamie Dakota

    I love this filter! I carry typically carried two water bottles while hiking: I know carry one metal bottle, and this filter. It can fill it up anywhere, and instantly have clean water to drink. I’ve used it during canoe trips with clients and they get to grips with it very quickly. It features in an article I wrote for the Bushcraft Journal for June 2019.

  3. Patricia

    I used this filter for my 7 month trip to Asia! Everywhere I could filter my water instead to buy plastic bottles. I really recommend this filter. Just when you are more than 2 then it could take a bit long to filter for everyone the water.

  4. Charlie Wood

    Having spent some time in Asia, it is hard to ignore the amount of waste, particularly plastic that lines the streets and shores. Without available drinking water from taps it becomes a necessity to buy at least 2/3 plastic bottles of water per day which on such a large scale is causing this plastic pollution that finds its way into the oceans, killing wildlife and polluting the planet. Over the past month in Vietnam my girlfriend and I have been using the LifeSaver Liberty, I decided to buy the bottle after feeling so much guilt buying water bottles in Bali. A month in Vietnam and 0 plastic bottles! We have used this pump in rivers, lakes and taps from any building and it has been brilliant! Neither of us have been sick, in fact the water purifier actually makes the water taste better than most drinking water taps – I cannot recommend this bottle higher! If you are travelling among places that dont support available drinking water such as South East Asia, or your just a mad hiker and camper looking to go off grid then this bottle is for you 🙂

  5. Patrick Sweeney

    More versatile than any water filter I have ever owned. Whether I am using it by myself or filtering water for a group of friends on a hike it is easy to use and gets the job done quickly.

  6. Thor, Once Upon A Saga

    It’s JUST BRILLIANT!! You’ve already heard about the safety of drinking water and for me it has delivered that across more than a hundred countries. HOWEVER: just imagine all the plastic waste I have spared the planet!! I loved the old bottle and I already love the new one (Liberty)! It even feels nice ?

  7. Mad Miki Moto

    Using the bottle everyday to filter tap water, fountain water, creek water. Ultimate test coming very soon from The Mighty Amazon. So far no complaints and absolutely love the new design and new features. Hopefully there will be more of us very soon, because environmental pollution is getting out of hand. Well done LifeSaver, highest note from me. You can follow my adventures on Instagram #madmikimoto

  8. Ash

    This is an outrageous idea that meets every expectation. I never leave the country without it. x

  9. Clinton

    Recently used the Liberty in the desert of southern Utah kayaking the Green River. This bottle will meet all your expectations. Extremely durable, well made and easy to use. I will never leave home without it. Try it out you will love it!!

  10. Ian Nairn

    Used it in The Gambia and then 5 days later in frozen Sweden filtering straight from frozen lakes. AWESOME. I HIGHLY rated the previous bottle which I used all round the world and now they have improved it with the Liberty. Well done.

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