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Water is one of life’s essentials and safe drinking water is taken for granted when it is readily available through the tap in your home, or bottled in stores. The unfortunate reality is that there are numerous disastrous events which could jeopardise our supply of safe water at any time.

We never know what emergencies will arise that could leave us in a situation where we have no access to clean water so emergency prepping should be a priority . Following a disaster such as a hurricane, flooding often occurs and as a result, virus can quickly spread. This means a basic water filter like those typically used for camping won’t give you the level of protection you need (read our blog for further details on filter vs purifier safety). All LifeSaver purifiers remove virus, bacteria and cysts. They do this without the need for chemicals or electricity.

The emergency preparedness water filter products below are delivered in aluminium foil sealed packaging which extends the product’s shelf life to up to 10 years. That’s 10 years of peace of mind, knowing you and your family have a safe solution to purify water in emergency situations. Perfect for your emergency supplies.

Emergency Preparedness


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