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LifeSaver: Sustainability


The primary purpose of our life-saving water purifiers is to ensure their users have access to safe drinking water. We are delighted that there is an incredible secondary benefit to people using our products however. This secondary benefit is an environmental one; For every 1 litre of water purified by a LifeSaver product a 1-litre bottle of water was not purchased, used and discarded.

With that in mind, every LifeSaver Jerrycan that leaves our factory potentially saves the equivalent of half a tonne (500kg) of plastic from going to landfill. The total number of plastic bottles saved from landfill since LifeSaver began would easily number in the hundreds of millions.

Our customer base mostly consists of avid outdoor enthusiasts, off-grid livers or emergency preppers. All of these groups share a common desire to look after the world around us, but furthermore, to live in harmony with nature in a sustainable, self-sufficient manner. With this ethos in mind, over the last few years we’ve consciously moved away from using plastics in our packaging where possible. We’ve also switched to using single-page, quick-start guides to replace our more comprehensive product manuals, which are now only available to download here on our website.

Additionally our products are manufactured here in Britain. By sourcing and manufacturing components closer to our factory, this massively helps reduce our carbon footprint. Our products are built to last and our filter cartridges are replaceable and recyclable.

While there are still areas where we can improve, we will continue to put into place practices that further lower our carbon footprint as a business and help protect our environment.