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LifeSaver: Why Every Emergency Prepper Should Have a LifeSaver Jerrycan as their Back-Up Water Purifier

Why Every Emergency Prepper Should Have a LifeSaver Jerrycan as their Back-Up Water Purifier

Why Every Emergency Prepper Should Have a LifeSaver Jerrycan as their Back-Up Water Purifier

Posted 11 months ago

As every emergency prepper knows, access to clean drinking water in an emergency situation is vital. When preparing any emergency kit, it’s important to consider multiple options for water purification, as different situations may call for different methods. At LifeSaver, we believe that whatever your mix of solutions is, our portable water purifiers should be the essential back-up option for every emergency prepper.

One of the key advantages of our portable water purifiers is that they do not rely on power. This makes them a reliable option in SHTF situations, when power may be out or just a limited resource. Our portable water purifiers use ultrafiltration technology to remove bacteria, viruses, and other insoluble contaminants from water, providing a safe source of drinking water without the need for electricity.

Our products don’t need chemicals either. Many discerning consumers are uncomfortable with the idea of adding chemicals to their water, not to mention chemicals can leave a very unpleasant taste in the water. Our portable water purifiers include Activated Carbon Filters which ensure that the purified water produced has a clean, pure taste. Even better, our carbon filters have been tested to show excellent and consistent heavy metal and chemical reduction for their stated life, over a range of sample contaminants such as chlorine, lead, nickel and cadmium.

Our LifeSaver Emergency Preparedness Packs are designed specifically for emergency preppers and are delivered in aluminium foil sealed packaging which extends the product’s shelf life to up to 10 years. The various packs available all provide a reliable long-term solution for any disaster prepper and their family.

While our Emergency Packs make for the perfect ‘bug in’ solution, we also offer small, lightweight portable water purifiers like the new LifeSaver Wayfarer™, which would serve as great ‘bug out’ option. This means that you can have access to clean drinking water wherever you go, whether you’re at home, on the road, or in any remote area.

lifesaver wayfarer, small and light water purifier in a bug out bag

In conclusion, every diligent emergency prepper or survivalist would be wise to include a LifeSaver portable water purifier as part of their water purification emergency kit. Our revolutionary LifeSaver Ultrafiltration Failsafe technology is the safest option available for protection from all waterborne microbiological contaminants.

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