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LifeSaver: UK Government Recommend Stockpiling Water Amid Devon Water Crisis

UK Government Recommend Stockpiling Water Amid Devon Water Crisis

UK Government Recommend Stockpiling Water Amid Devon Water Crisis

Posted 2 months ago

Be Prepared: Ensuring Safe Drinking Water Amid the Devon Water Crisis

The Cryptosporidium outbreak in Devon has underscored a critical issue: the vulnerability of our water supply systems. Thousands of UK residents are currently unable to rely on their tap water for safe drinking, prompting the Deputy Prime Minister of England, Oliver Dowden, to call for people to stockpile three days’ worth of food and water in anticipation of future emergencies.

The Current Situation

The current outbreak has left many without a safe water supply, causing significant inconvenience and serious health concerns. In response, bottled water has been distributed to affected areas. However, this short-term solution only highlights a more pressing need for sustainable preparedness strategies.

The Call for Preparedness

In light of these recent events, the Deputy Prime Minister has emphasised the importance of national resilience against various threats, including power cuts, cyber attacks, and natural disasters. The Daily Mail reports that Dowden has urged citizens to stockpile essential supplies, including water, to help ease pressure on emergency services when emergencies occur.

Why Emergency Water Purification Solutions are Essential

Although boiling water and purchasing bottled water are common responses during such crises, they come with significant drawbacks:

1. Boiling Water:
Time-Consuming: Boiling water requires time and fuel, both of which may be in short supply during an emergency.
Limited Effectiveness: While boiling can kill bacteria and viruses, it does not remove chemical contaminants or heavy metals.

2. Bottled Water:
Supply Chain Issues: In times of crisis, the availability of bottled water can be unpredictable and inadequate for large-scale needs.
Short Life Span: Bottled water can itself become contaminated if not stored in the correct conditions. Typically bottled water should be consumed or replaced within two years.
Environmental Impact: The production and disposal of plastic bottles contribute to environmental pollution.

Full range of LifeSaver water purifiers

The LifeSaver Solution

At LifeSaver, we offer a range of emergency water purification solutions that provide a more reliable and long-lasting alternative to boiling water or buying bottled water. Our LifeSaver Emergency Preparedness Packs are designed to ensure that you have access to safe, clean drinking water in any situation.

Here’s why they are the superior choice:

1. Advanced Filtration Technology:
– Our LifeSaver products use two stages of filtration to give you the ultimate protection. Firstly our advanced Ultrafiltration Cartridges remove over 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and cysts from contaminated water. Next the water passes through our Activated Carbon Filters which have excellent and consistent heavy metal and chemical reduction rates over a range of sample contaminants, such as chlorine, lead, nickel and cadmium.

2. Ease of Use:
– LifeSaver purifiers are simple to use. Just fill, pump, and drink. There’s no need to worry about boiling times or having access to fuel.

3. Chemical-Free:
– Unlike some water purification methods, our filters do not require chemicals. This makes the water safer to consume and better tasting.

4. Long-Term Solution:
– Each LifeSaver filter cartridge can purify thousands of litres of water, providing a long-term solution that far outlasts a few bottles of water.

5. Environmentally Friendly:
– By using a LifeSaver purifier, you reduce your reliance on single-use plastic bottles, helping to protect the environment.

Our Emergency Packs

We offer several emergency preparedness packs tailored to meet different needs:

LifeSaver Family Emergency Preparedness Pack: Ideal for households, this pack includes everything a family needs to ensure safe drinking water during an emergency.
LifeSaver Ultimate Emergency Preparedness Pack: Designed for larger groups or more prolonged emergencies, this pack offers the most comprehensive solution.
LifeSaver Solo Emergency Preparedness Pack: Perfect for individuals, this compact pack ensures you have access to clean water wherever you are.


The water crisis in Devon serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared. By investing in a LifeSaver water purifier, you can ensure that you and your loved ones have access to safe drinking water, no matter the circumstances.

Don’t wait for the next crisis to hit. To understand more about why LifeSaver technology provides the best protection for you family, read this blog.

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