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LifeSaver: TangMama Distribute LifeSaver Jerrycans in China

TangMama Distribute LifeSaver Jerrycans in China

TangMama Distribute LifeSaver Jerrycans in China

Posted 2 years ago

1,112 LifeSaver water purifiers have been supplied to kindergartens and schools in remote and high-altitude areas of China

Partner of LifeSaver, TangMama Charity, based in China, have continued their remarkable children’s charity work of recent years. Most recently, in September 2020, over 1,112 LifeSaver Jerrycans were distributed to kindergartens and schools throughout Linzhou, Naqu, Qinghai Yushu, Sichuan Ganzi, Shanxi and Gansu, all remote areas of northwest China. This many Jerrycans will purify up to 16.5 million litres of water. Each Jerrycan will deliver safe drinking water to around 30 children each, over 33,000 children in total, for the next 2 years or more!

Tibetans receiving their LifeSaver Jerrycans

Without these Jerrycans, the only water sources available for drinking and cleaning are local rivers, surface water and wells. Diseases are common as a result of lack of access to clean drinking water, so the ability to purify their water is highly important.

Some of these Jerrycans will be used by local Tibetan doctors, helping them to treat their patients more safely. Thanks to LifeSaver’s advanced filtration technology, our water purifiers produce medically sterile water, which is ideal to treat wounds or cuts. In this case, the clean water is also being used to help produce eye drops for local Tibetans.

Wesley Clarke-Sullivan, Humanitarian and Disaster Response Manager of Icon LifeSaver:

“It is always an amazing feeling to hear how our products are helping give people around the world access to safe drinking water, especially those who need them the most. Seeing the photos is particularly uplifting for the whole team, as it’s often difficult to imagine that the work we’re doing here in the UK is actually having a big impact on so many lives on the other side of the world.”

Annie Tang, Founder of TangMama Charity:

“It’s great to see the happy smiles on their faces. Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product, a real life saver!”

Pallets of LifeSaver Jerrycans in Tibet

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