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LifeSaver: Single-use plastic bottle sales banned at Glastonbury Festival

Single-use plastic bottle sales banned at Glastonbury Festival

Single-use plastic bottle sales banned at Glastonbury Festival

Posted 5 years ago

Single-use plastic bottles are to be banned from sale at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. We’re pleased to see the organisers taking this action which will hopefully encourage more people to consider reusable water bottles.

The festival’s website has announced single-use plastic containers will not be available and attendees are being advised to carry “as little single-use plastic as possible”. Hundreds of free water taps will be available around the festival for people to fill their reusable water bottles.

The LifeSaver Liberty Rose Gold being filled with tap water in Nepal

A Rose Gold LifeSaver Liberty™ bottle being filled with water from a questionable public tap in Nepal

Plastic Pollution

This decision has been taken after more than one million plastic bottles were sold at 2017’s event. Organiser Emily Eavis has said it is “paramount for our planet” to reduce plastic consumption. “I’m thrilled that, together, we’ll be able to prevent over a million single-use plastic bottles from being used at this year’s festival.”

Safe Drinking Water

Many people prefer to buy single-use bottled water as they feel bottled water is better from a taste and safety perspective. They have legitimate concerns over the quality of the water from unknown taps, as well as the hygiene of reusable bottles.

These concerns are irrelevant with the LifeSaver Liberty™ Bottle because the tap water could be contaminated and the inside of the Liberty bottle doesn’t need to be clean, yet the water produced would still be safe and taste great. One Liberty bottle filter purifies up to the equivalent of 4,000 500ml water bottles, protecting the user from virus, bacteria and protozoa (cysts).



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