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LifeSaver: Safe Drinking Water in Every Crisis

Safe Drinking Water in Every Crisis

Safe Drinking Water in Every Crisis

Posted 8 months ago

From earthquakes to hurricanes, societal unrest to power grid failures – we all know that life can be unpredictable, not to mention ‘Murphy’s Law’ of “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. Preppers pride themselves in foreseeing potential threats and gearing up accordingly. While ‘bug out’ bags may be packed with an array of survival essentials, one cannot underestimate the importance of having access to clean drinking water in any emergency situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how quickly society can change in ways unimaginable just weeks prior. Most experts talk about this pandemic as though it were a trial run for a future ‘inevitable’ pandemic which would be caused by a far more devastating virus than COVID-19. More people than ever before see this potential and the need to be ready.

Why is Water the Ultimate Priority?

Picture this: a catastrophic natural disaster strikes, cutting off utilities and leaving you without access to fresh water. Think of the Flint water crisis or the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In both situations, the lack of clean water exascerbated the challenges faced by people on the ground. Additionally, waterborne diseases, dehydration, and the general panic caused by water scarcity can quickly escalate any emergency.

While we might have food stockpiled to last us weeks, or even months, our bodies need water much sooner than that. A person can only survive for three days without it. This makes ensuring access to clean water paramount, whatever the crisis at hand.

Why LifeSaver is a Prepper’s Best Bet

The LifeSaver product line is meticulously crafted keeping diverse needs in mind. Here’s why it stands out:

Full range of LifeSaver water purifiers

Total Microbiological Protection: Not just for the bacteria and protozoa lurking in wild streams but for the much-feared viruses too. Remember Tip #1 from our hiking guide? Get yourself a water purifier not just a water filter. Viral outbreaks do happen, especially post-disasters when sanitation becomes compromised.

Longevity: LifeSaver purifiers have a long lifespan and our replaceable cartridges ensure you have access to clean water for extended periods, even in the harshest conditions.

Versatility: From our small portable LifeSaver pump purifiers (LifeSaver Wayfarer & LifeSaver Liberty) for on-the-move hydration, to our high-capacity LifeSaver Jerrycans perfect for setting up a base camp or for a family’s needs – we’ve got you covered.

Independence from Utilities: LifeSaver products don’t require electricity or any other external resource. Purely mechanical, they provide clean water anytime, anywhere.

Preparation Meets Perfection

Unpredictable challenges demand unwavering preparation. LifeSaver doesn’t just offer products; we provide peace of mind, ensuring that whatever the future holds, clean water won’t be your concern.

Prepping is all about expecting the unexpected. And while we might not know what tomorrow brings, we can prepare for it as best we can. With LifeSaver, you have one less thing to worry about.

Stay safe, stay prepared, and remember – water is life.

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