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LifeSaver: Emergency preparedness water storage

Emergency preparedness water storage

Emergency preparedness water storage

Posted 5 years ago

Storing water in preparation for an emergency

Water is essential for us to survive and access to it can easily be taken for granted. We never know what emergencies will arise that could leave us in a situation where we have no access to clean water so emergency preparedness water storage should be a priority.

In preparation for an emergency, the general rule of thumb is to store one gallon of water per person per day as a minimum. It’s advised to store water in a cool, dry and dark place in food grade containers and replace this water every 6 months, to avoid any contaminants that can build up inside the water container. Alternatively, you could stock up on bottled water but that would become expensive and contribute to the single-use plastic issue which is a no go for us.

Our LifeSaver Jerrycan water container is a sturdier, safer option for storing water and can hold up to 18.5 litres. Water can be stored dirty and will not be cleaned until it’s about to be used, so you avoid the risks of storing clean water.

Purifying water in emergency situations

If you choose to store water in other containers, it’s essential that when you come to use the water that it’s clean and safe to drink. In emergency situations, virus can spread easily causing you to get ill, which is when our water filters for emergency disaster preparedness can be a real lifesaver.

One compact emergency preparedness water purification pack will provide you and your family with enough clean drinking water to survive the hours, days, weeks and years following an event. It contains a robust and portable Jerrycan which is capable of filtering 20,000 litres/5,300 US gallons of clean drinking water – removing viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites instantly. Not only will it provide you with clean, safe drinking water, it comes with a shower attachment for hygiene and sanitation so you can wash too.

Plan ahead for any scenario with our emergency preparedness water filter products. Avoid being left without a safe supply of water.

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2 thoughts on “Emergency preparedness water storage”

  1. My husband and I have decided to get started on our food storage supply because we’ve heard there’s a large storm brewing off the coast of Florida. Your information that water should be stored in food grade containers and replaced about every 6 months is very helpful. We will start looking for some food grade water containers.

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