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LifeSaver: How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness

How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness

How to Store Water for Emergency Preparedness

Posted 9 years ago

We all like to try and stay optimistic but a cautious outlook on life can be sensible too. Thinking ahead and trying to stay prepared for future challenges is wise. Emergency preparedness is important because we can never know when emergencies will arise. One of the most important resources you’ll need in any emergency scenario is water. It’s obviously needed for drinking purposes, but also for hygiene and sanitation too. Here’s a few ways you can store water.

Pre-Packaged Water

This is one of the easiest ways to garner lots of water immediately, but obviously it can be the most expensive too. It’s a quick fix and you can ensure that you have lots of water in a short space of time. But pre-packaged water probably won’t be around when there’s an emergency, it’s something that you have to plan beforehand and buy.

The LifeSaver Jerrycan

The LifeSaver Jerrycan is a sturdier, safer option for storing water, compared to just storing it in conventional water containers. LifeSaver enables you to store water as well as filter it. Because water is stored dirty and is not cleaned until it is about to be used there is significantly less opportunity for recontamination of the water. It means if you need to collect and store water you’re only doing it with dirty water, therefore avoiding the risks associated with storing clean water – dirty containers, stagnation etc. It offers storage and filtration in one. The LifeSaver jerrycan is also immensely robust and can hold around 18.5 litres, so if you have a few then you’ll be in a strong position in an emergency situation. They’ll protect your water from contamination too as the container is fully sealed, and then when you’re ready to filter, you can do so instantly, removing viruses, bacteria and cysts from your water. You can drink, wash and cook with the jerrycan with the addition of the jerrycan shower hose.

Rainwater harvesting

You can store rain water, pop a barrel somewhere outside and you’re set! It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t cost anything so it’s an attractive option. The only trouble is, you’re limited by the amount it rains and if the emergency is related to a lack of rain then this is a problem. Once collected, dispense this water into your LifeSaver Jerrycan. It’s unwise to use this as your only water storage option.


Using a bath to store water is something that you’ll only do in an impending disaster situation; otherwise it’s just not practical. When there’s an emergency, your water could get cut off, so filling your bath tub full of as much water as you can is a good move. It can usually hold around 100 gallons. But your bath could be unsanitary or unhygienic so you can buy bags that you pop in your bath that expand as you fill them.

Our products are based around water storage and purification and keeping you prepared for every scenario. Take your emergency preparedness seriously and invest in LifeSaver technology to protect you and your family.

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