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LifeSaver: LifeSaver sign 3 year distribution deal with ARS Indonesia

LifeSaver sign 3 year distribution deal with ARS Indonesia

LifeSaver sign 3 year distribution deal with ARS Indonesia

Posted 6 years ago

LifeSaver® is excited to announce that we are working with ARS Indonesia in the South-East Asia region (SEAR) and have recently entered a three year exclusivity contract together.

ARS will be bringing LifeSaver products into the SEAR for distribution. During the first three years, up to 463 million litres of clean drinking water will be produced through LifeSaver products for the people of South East Asia, many of whom do not have piped infrastructure for potable water.

Safe water

Water has a profound effect on human health. The recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report titled “Safer water, better health” states that almost 10% of the global burden of disease could be prevented by improving water, sanitation and hygiene. About 8.4% of South-East Asia’s burden of disease could be prevented with such interventions. In SEAR, around 1.1 million people, mostly children, die from diarrheal diseases annually. The cost–benefit analysis study of water supply, sanitation and hygiene interventions carried out by WHO, highlights that in this region, these interventions could save 1.3 billion productive days and 139 million school days each year with less diarrheal illnesses.

Water of adequate quantity and safe quality is essential for survival. Rapid population growth and economic development puts tremendous pressure on limited freshwater resources. In addition, the availability and safety of water resources is threatened by climate change. There are several significant water quality problems that affect countries in the SEAR. Of these, contamination of drinking-water sources by pathogenic (disease causing) microorganisms remains the most important.

The Single Use Bottles problem

Not only will LifeSaver products protect people from waterborne diseases, they directly address the growing damage single use bottles are having on the environment. Use of plastic bottles in this region is rife, with some of these countries among the worst polluters in the world. Assuming all the water filtered through LifeSaver technology is an alternative to buying single use plastic bottles, and given 600ml bottles are the standard size used in the region, this partnership alone could save over 500 million plastic bottles from being used and discarded over the next 3 years.

Infographic showing LifeSaver products will save over 500 million plastic water bottles

With the first shipment of products already on its way, ARS will begin projects in Indonesia and Thailand, rolling them out to the Philippines and Malaysia later in 2018.

Manufactured in the UK, LifeSaver products are portable water filters that are pressurised with a hand pump. This air pressure forces water through the pores of an ultra filtration cartridge and out through the exit nozzle leaving microbiological contamination behind. LifeSaver technology provides a physical barrier against viruses, bacteria and cysts. No chemicals or electrical power is required.

LifeSaver products enable the users to be independent, self sufficient and empowered with the ability to provide safe drinking water for themselves and their families.



WHO report ‘Safer water, better health’

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