LifeSaver Cubes Jerrycans Haiti humanitarian water aid

LifeSaver Cubes and Jerrycans to provide clean water to victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Posted on October 10, 2016

9.30am – 7th October 2016

2,010 LifeSaver Cubes were sent to Haiti from London, as part of DFID’s humanitarian response to Hurricane Matthew. Each Cube gives its recipient family the ability to purify up to 5,000 litres of clean water. LifeSaver Cube’s and Jerrycan’s use ultra filtration technology to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites from water.

Rachel Balm, Marketing Manager of LifeSaver commented:

“The capability of our filters in this type of environment is second to none. Our Bottles, Cubes and Jerrycan’s are used daily, in normal situations. The technology really comes in to its own in emergency situations, like in Haiti currently. It’s literally a lifeline when a Cube or Jerrycan is handed to someone in these situations. People can take water from unsafe municipal sources, murky puddles and swollen rivers. The units are filler, pumped and clean water is dispensed instantly”.

Beyond DFID’s initial deployment, on Saturday 8th October, 491 LifeSaver Jerrycan’s will also leave Birmingham Airport along with solar handheld lights and buckets. NGO – CARE International will distribute the Cubes and Jerrycans on the ground. They will despatch throughout the South West of the country to those people most in need.

Photo: Russell Watkins/DFID