water being tested in a scientific laboratory.

LifeSaver meets the highest standard in the water purification industry

Posted on September 25, 2016

New Ownership

Now under Icon ownership, we are committed to forging a bright future for LifeSaver®. We aim to help the business reach its full potential, offering a range of water purification products that lead the industry in quality and performance.

An integral part of our approach is our continued rigorous testing and product development programme. This ensures that LifeSaver products are setting the highest quality and performance standards. Testing has been carried out by a leading, independent, U.S. laboratory, using the most stringent NSF testing procedures for both normal and contaminated waters.

This, combined with our unique and patented FailSafe technology, delivers a product range that is unmatched.

The enhancements to both product and procedure have been positively received and resulted in a significant number of confirmed contracts for 2016 with both new and existing customers.

In addition, our product development programme is well under way with a number of exciting new design and functionality improvements currently being tested, with a launch planned for 2017.

So keep watching this space!