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5 benefits of a LifeSaver water purifier

Posted 6 years ago

A LifeSaver® water purifier is ideal in demanding situations, protecting you in situations where safe water isn’t available. So how do LifeSaver products benefit you?

Cognitive Function

By not drinking enough water, you are starving your brain of a vital requirement. The brain is made up of over 85% water. It needs a consistent level of water to maintain cognitive levels. When your brain doesn’t receive water, it can’t send signals as effectively to the rest of your body. Prolonged dehydration can even affect the size of your brain cells over time. Having consistently clean water means that your mental cognitive function will be performing at a healthy level.


Our products are incredibly robust which means they can withstand a harsh environment, for extended periods of time.

Physical Ability

When you’re exercising or playing sports, you need to stay hydrated. Your cells need energy and it is water that best supplies this energy. So if you’re drinking the right amount, you won’t run out of energy as quickly. Water also helps maintain your hormones and neurotransmitters, helping you stay more alert.

Portable Water Purifier

One of the most essential qualities LifeSaver products have, is the portability. Untethering you from municipal water supplies, allowing you to travel further, for longer.


Our product range can purify a large amount of water when you need it, in a very short time. With our LifeSaver Jerrycans you can store 18.5 litres of dirty water for when you need it. Ensuring you have water on hand for when you need it.

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