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LifeSaver Jerrycan Activated Carbon Filters (5 pack)

LifeSaver Jerrycan Activated Carbon Filters (5 pack)


These activated carbon filters improve the palatability of water by removing chlorine, taste and odour.

  • Improves the palatability of water by removing chemicals and heavy metals, improving taste and odour.
  • Pack of 5 x carbon discs – each effective for up to 500 litres of water.

  • Product Details

    • Only compatible with LifeSaver Jerrycan 10000UF or 20000UF.
    • Remove scents and unpleasant tastes when you are purifying water.
    • Fitted to the inside of the Jerrycan tap. Firstly, microbiologically clean water passes through the ultrafiltration cartridge and then the water passes through an activated carbon filter for chlorine, taste and odour removal.
  • Product Includes

    • 5 x Activated Carbon Discs for removal of chlorine, taste and odour – each one is effective for up to 500 litres.


These replaceable Activated Carbon Discs reduce chemicals and heavy metals as well as removing bad taste and odour, each effective for up to 500 litres – Our standard activated carbon discs used in all LifeSaver products have been tested to show excellent and consistent heavy metal and chemical reduction for their stated life over a range of sample contaminants such as chlorine, lead, nickel and cadmium. Improving taste and odour along the way.

The activated carbon filter is fitted to the underside of the Jerrycan tap. The microbiologically clean water which has been passed through LifeSaver’s ultra filtration cartridge then gets filtered through the carbon disc.

This 5 pack of activated carbon filters will filter 2,500 litres of water before a replacement pack is required.

 This product includes

  • 5 x LifeSaver Jerrycan activated carbon filters