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LifeSaver Liberty™ Carbon Discs x3

LifeSaver Liberty™ Carbon Discs x3


Activated carbon discs improve the palatability of water by removing chlorine, taste and odour. This 3 pack of carbon discs are only compatible with LifeSaver Liberty™ bottles.

This is a 3 pack of carbon filters that help remove scents and unpleasant tastes when you are purifying water using a LifeSaver liberty purification system. Each carbon disk will work on 500 litres of water, so this 3 pack when added to the one that is installed in the bottle when you buy can help clean 2000 litres of water in total.


  • x3 Activated Carbon Discs for LifeSaver Liberty™ bottle
  • Removes chlorine, taste and odour
  • Each carbon disc effective for up to 100 litres

Additional information

Weight0.07 kg
Dimensions10 × 0.6 × 0.4 cm


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