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LifeSaver: Our Mission

Our Mission

Our LifeSaver® water purifiers can make a huge difference to the lives of the 663 million people currently without access to safe drinking water. In an emergency LifeSaver water filtration technology helps keep people alive in the critical hours and days following a natural or human led disaster. Our water purifiers enhance aid efforts by providing people with the means to produce their own safe drinking water, at the point of use. LifeSaver water filtration revolutionises the provision of aid deployment through utilising a more cost effective, timely and sustainable solution – that is effective far beyond the initial deployment.

LifeSaver water purifiers also provide an effective long-term clean water solution, both for humanitarian staff to ensure they are always with clean drinking water in the field and for beneficiaries in need of a household water filtration solution.

A recent case study in Sierra Leone, West Africa saw LifeSaver work alongside DFID (UK Aid) and the Ministry of Health and Water to provide a community with a LifeSaver C2. Our large C2 units produce up to 2 million litres of clean water, which would provide a community of 100 people with clean drinking water for up to 18 years.

Most recently 2,300 of our LifeSaver Cubes have been sent to Indonesia to aid the relief effort following a spate of earthquakes and a catastrophic tsunami. You can read more about this on our News page here.