LifeSaver 4000UF and 6000UF Bottle Hydration Bladder Connector


The LifeSaver 4000UF and 6000UF Bottle connector allows you to fill a hydration bladder directly from your Bottle, resulting in you storing and drinking clean drinking water from your hydration bladder. The LifeSaver connector works with the following systems; Camelbak quick link, Hydrolink Source SQC (quick connector), Outdoor Products bladders, Platypus quick disconnect kit and directly into the Platypus Big Zip Bladder.


How does the hydration bladder connector work?

Remove the nozzle from the LifeSaver 4000UF or 6000UF Bottle and insert the connector directly to the bottle. Once fitted, fit the other end of the connector to one of the specified systems listed above. Pump the bottle 4 – 6 times to create flow between the bottle and hydration bladder until the bladder is full of clean drinking water.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 29 x 6 x 40 cm


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