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LifeSaver: LifeSaver Liberty™.  The worlds’ first inline pump water purifier bottle

LifeSaver Liberty™. The worlds’ first inline pump water purifier bottle

LifeSaver Liberty™. The worlds’ first inline pump water purifier bottle

Posted 6 years ago

New LifeSaver Water Purifier Bottle

LifeSaver liberty ultimate protection

Say goodbye to buying bottled water while camping, travelling or back-packing. That’s good for you and good for the planet, as it reduced single use plastic waste!

With the introduction of the LifeSaver Liberty™ bottle – the worlds’ first and only portable water purification bottle with inline pump – you can store, filter and consume up to 14oz (nearly half a litre) of water, on the move.

LifeSaver Liberty™ is a small and light, yet robust and easy to use water purifier. The perfect combination for anyone who needs a reliable source of clean, drinking water. It’s available in black, orange or blue, with silver and rose gold versions for those looking for something more sophisticated.

The new bottle uses the same advanced filtration technology as the original LifeSaver Bottle. This technology has been relied on, for over 10 years, by humanitarian aid agencies and militaries around the world. It’s proven in the most challenging conditions, such as disaster zones and crisis situations.

For the geeks out there, here’s the techie bit! It’s certified to exceed the full NSF/ANSI P231 test standards against General Test Water and Challenge Test Water type 3 (simulated sewage) and the WHO2011 ‘Highly protective tier’ drinking water standards. Check out our testing credentials here. So, it really is the perfect choice for the outdoor enthusiast and essential for survival in the harshest conditions.

We’ve also incorporated a host of new features:

Scavenger Hose

• Filter directly and easily from a natural water source – no bending to suck or scoop
• Pumps continuously through bottle, straight out into separate container
• Ideal and convenient for larger, clean water storage requirements

Adaptable Screw Head

• Thread design incorporated into head of bottle
• Screws straight onto a Nalgene wide mouthed bottle
• Filters directly from one bottle to the other for convenience
• Small bottle mouth adapter available soon

Easy to Use

• Utilizes a simple hand pump – even a child can operate
• Creates air pressure inside the bottle
• Forces water through ultrafiltration membrane once drinking valve opened
• No chemicals or power are required to operate

Easy View

• Transparent window each side of bottle
• User can see how much water is stored

The LifeSaver Liberty’s cartridge purifies up to an impressive 530 Gallons (2,000 litres), making this a very economical choice. But our technical designers didn’t stop there! An added feature, included in all LifeSaver products, is the built-in Fail Safe technology. Once the cartridge stops being effective, water cannot pass through the system at all, as all the pores in the membrane have blocked. This ensures our users are fully protected. The filter cartridges are replaceable so your LifeSaver Liberty™ bottle could be your companion for years to come. So where would you #TakeLiberty, if you had the chance?

Order your LifeSaver Liberty™ today.

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