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LifeSaver: LifeSaver Sponsor Rosie Stancer Expedition Across the Taklamakan Desert

LifeSaver Sponsor Rosie Stancer Expedition Across the Taklamakan Desert

LifeSaver Sponsor Rosie Stancer Expedition Across the Taklamakan Desert

Posted 7 years ago

LifeSaver® sponsor Rosie Stancer on her journey across the ‘unreturnable’ sea of death

In 2017, explorer Rosie Stancer aims to become the first female to lead an expedition across the 800 mile Taklamakan Desert in China. Nicknamed the Sea of Death, Taklamakan literally translates to ‘unreturnable’. The unforgiving conditions and physical challenge make this challenge next to impossible. Hot days, bitterly cold nights and sand dunes the size of skyscrapers all stand in the way. However, the greatest challenge of all is the lack of water.

In order to make this epic feat possible LifeSaver are proud to sponsor the expedition and will be providing our world-renowned water filtration equipment. This partnership will provide Rosie, her expedition team and her caravan of camels with a portable water filtration system that will enable Rosie to instantly filter contaminated water into clean drinking water for the expected 60 day duration.

Since 2007, LifeSaver technology has been put to the test in the toughest aid and military environments. From an RAF airdrop of LifeSaver cubes to displaced communities in Iraq, to the British Army’s deployment of LifeSaver water filter bottles in Afghanistan for their infantry.

Clean Water

Clean water is essential for Rosie Stancer and her camels (who will be transporting her essential expedition equipment). It will be absolutely crucial that Rosie maintains physical and mental performance throughout; LifeSaver technology will allow her to dig into the desert to collect water and filter it instantly.

Water purification is vital on expeditions where dependency on large volumes of clean water is high. Known sources of water will be few. Any water that can be dug from the desert must be collected, to be stored and purified when needed.

Our portable ultra-filtration water purifiers filter out 99.99% of waterborne viruses, bacteria and cysts from contaminated, fresh water sources. There is no need for chemicals, power or UV light, as the microbiological pathogens are physically filtered out instantly.

LifeSaver is providing the LifeSaver Bottle, Jerrycan and Cube to the Taklamakan 2017 expedition. Each Jerrycan will filter up to 20,000 litres of water and will store 18.5 litres at one time. The connection apertures on the Jerrycan enables them to be strapped to vehicles – or camels!

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