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LifeSaver: Avoiding Traveller’s Tummy

Avoiding Traveller’s Tummy

Avoiding Traveller’s Tummy

Posted 2 years ago

It’s an unfortunate fact that when in a foreign country, your body can be sensitive to bacteria it hasn’t encountered. For most travellers, the likes of Rangoon Runs, Montezuma’s Revenge or the ‘Traveller’s Tummy’ are at the very least an inconvenience but for some can result in a nasty illness.

The risk of developing diarrhoea is said to be between 5-10% for travellers visiting places such as North America, Northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand and around 50% for places such as North Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Traveller’s tummy is usually caused by a variety of pathogens but is most commonly connected to bacteria found in food, waste and water. Microorganisms that cause traveller’s diarrhoea include bacteria, Escherichia coli (E. coli), parasites and viruses – affecting over 20 percent of those who travel to high risk destinations across the world.

Fear not though! Here at LifeSaver we’ve pulled together some top tips to avoid sickness whilst travelling as well as ensuring your water is safe to drink:


By removing virus, bacteria and protozoa (cysts) from your drinking water you are much less likely to be exposed to harmful bacteria and get sick whilst travelling. Sounds simple right? However, travellers still choose to take the risk when it comes to water consumption, either drinking from a local source, questionable bottled water or by using a water filter which isn’t fit for purpose. The LifeSaver Liberty™ is one of very few water purifier bottles which will remove 99.99% of virus, bacteria and protozoa (cysts) and is the ideal travel companion to keep you bug free. Find out more here.


Prepare your gut for going abroad by eating food rich in prebiotics. Prebiotics are types of fibre that feed the body’s good bacteria and lead to a healthier digestive system. By introducing ingredients such as artichoke, garlic, onions, asparagus and bananas into your diet ahead of going abroad, you’re giving your body the best defence from any bad bacteria encountered when travelling.


Keep the germs at bay by always washing your hands with soap and water – especially before and after eating and after using the toilet. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser handy for post hand wash cleanses and make sure your hands are completely dry before touching your food. Alternatively, wash your hands with a clean, safe water source such as from the LifeSaver LibertyTM or other water purifying alternatives.


Stay hydrated – particularly if you start to feel ill. The recommendation is to drink at least 2 litres of water a day or more, particularly if you’re travelling somewhere hot and humid. Carry rehydration salts with you and make sure you go overboard on the hydration after drinking alcohol. As an added bonus, avoid purchasing or carrying plastic bottle water by using the LifeSaver Liberty™ travel water purifier bottle and helping to reduce single-use plastics too. Win win!


Finally, be mindful when choosing your food. Try to always pick dishes which appear hot or freshly cooked. For meat-based dishes, ensure they are thoroughly cooked and avoid fruit that not’s been peeled. Beware of buffets where food has been left unrefrigerated for long periods of time and salads that may have been washed using local tap water.

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