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Max Adventure

Max Adventure

Max Adventure

Max Adventure has been using LifeSaver Jerrycans on all of our expeditions since 2010 when we broke the record for the fastest drive from London to Cape Town. Under the patronage of Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Sir Stirling Moss, we completed the 10,000 miles through 21 countries in just 11 1/2 days!

Since then, we have planned and led expeditions to the most challenging and remote parts of the world including an extreme driving series of Discovery Channel in which Hollywood actors Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Adrien Brody drove some of the coldest, hottest and toughest roads in the world, operating in temperatures down to -60C and up to +50C and 100% humidity.

With the ability to turn the most dirty and heavily infected water into pure drinking water, this has been vital to the safety of our team and the success of our expeditions. No matter where you find your water source, an old well or a muddy ditch, if there is water in it, you can drink it…and you can survive.


Once upon a saga

Once upon a saga

Once upon a saga

Friend of LifeSaver, Torbjørn C. Pedersen (or Thor!) is on a journey to travel to each country on Earth in a single trip, without taking a single flight. If successful he would be the only person to achieve this feat.

Thor began his journey in 2013 and so far has visited 184 of 203 countries, having just spent over two years navigating the African continent alone!

Naturally, on a journey of this sort, you will be met with some very questionable water sources and perhaps occasionally not have access to a municipal water source at all. This is where the LifeSaver bottle has been worth its weight in gold. Ensuring Thor has safe water throughout his journey is one less thing for him to have to worry about.

Another reason Thor loves his LifeSaver bottle is that it saves him using and wasting thousands of plastic water bottles. As an ambassador for the Danish Red Cross, Thor is also able to raise awareness of LifeSaver’s portable water filters in communities where it is most needed.