LifeSaver® water purifiers give you the ultimate protection.
Turn dodgy tap water, questionable bottled water or even dirty water from rivers,
lakes and puddles into safe, drinkable water instantly.
Ideal for everything from traveling, backpacking, trekking, hiking,
camping and overlanding to emergency prepping.

For help choosing the right portable water filter or purifier for you, click here.



Trusted to provide water-aid relief across the globe to areas
without access to clean drinking water, from natural disasters to war zones.

Latest News

Continuing to support humanitarian aid In support of World Water Day, we’re donating one of our brand new water purifiers to help people in the fight for survival following Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. This LifeSaver…

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Single-use plastic bottles are to be banned from sale at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. We’re pleased to see the organisers taking this action which will hopefully encourage more people to consider reusable water bottles. The…

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LifeSaver and National Graphene Institute (NGI) Partnership We are thrilled to announce an exclusive contract with the National Graphene Institute (NGI) at The University of Manchester. We’ve entered into an 18-month research project which will…

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